Coming up: An Aging Rainbow

I’m so sorry I’ve been away from blogging as I’ve been building my business and serving clients across the country. I’m catching my breath from a wonderful but quick trip out to Cedar Rapids, IA, to work with some wonderful organizations there, including my friends at Tanager Place. If you’re a Grand Rapids, colleague, and you’re involved in elder care, please come see this great event I’m doing with Caregiver Resource Network, a service of the Area Agency on Aging of West Michigan and so many other wonderful partners.


One thought on “Coming up: An Aging Rainbow

  1. Great to see what you’re business is doing; what YOU are doing. We are still trying to settle into this new world without settling for it… I am presenting workshops on regaining intuitive ways of knowing with local, liberal populations who are quite intellectual and preoccupied with definitions and theories. I offer alternative media for expression/representation. It takes some doing but we usually end up separating authentic understanding from faulty language.

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