Consulting & Services

20151024 - Services Page

Mira Krishnan is available for services as a consultant, trainer, or speaker.

Rate card being revised; for rate information, please contact:
(248) 854-9920

Consultative services specialize in diversity, inclusion, and equity, particularly with respect to integration of these efforts into business/corporate strategy, modernizing corporate policies, and aligning diversity-related practices with employee and team development and career growth.


Trainings are available on gender-inclusive environments, supporting the LGBT community, and supporting autistic people, as well as other topics (including creation of new training programs based on your needs). Training formats are flexible, ranging from brief presentations to full-day workshops, with customization based on your needs and interests.

LGBT issues include marketing to and supporting both employees and customers, as well as education on general LGBT topics and emphasis on specific topics such as sexual or gender identity development and community, workplace, and medical needs of transgender people.

In autism, offerings range from basic understanding of autism neuroscience and clinical approaches, to creating environments in which autistic people are free from victimization, to supporting autistic people as community stakeholders, employees, and customers.

Speaking Engagements

Mira is an accomplished public speaker for a wide variety of general and specialized or technical audiences, and for a variety of talk formats. For additional information on prior speaking engagements, as well as more information about Mira, generally, please see About Mira. Her press kit is also available here (via Dropbox). Transcripts of many of her prior speaking engagements are also available in the Blog.