Code-Switching and the Coming Out Process

Code switching can be a really important part of the LGBTQIA+ experience, too, particularly early in the coming out process. A lot of us find immersing ourselves in queer-friendly spaces, from gay bars to Pride, to activist spaces; a really important part of building our queer identity. But these spaces have their own codes.

Mouse on over to, where my first piece for them ran! This piece comes from somewhat earlier in my transition, which, absurdly, is a couple months ago – I actually went “full-time” and completely public as of Friday night last week, so July 25 gets added to my list of key dates in my authenticity. I hope to do more work for – there are some highly talented people over there doing an amazing overhaul to try to make the site the hub for LGBTQIA+ people on the internet, and I’m loving the opportunity to share experiences and bring queers together.

One thought on “Code-Switching and the Coming Out Process

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