Charitable and Political Contributions

In the spirit of embracing radical transparency, this is an accounting of my personal / individual giving to individual or organizational charities and to political causes. The list is comprehensive to the best of my knowledge, although some small donations may have been excluded. This list is for informational purposes and has not been independently verified. The list is being made available at my sole discretion.


Autism Support of Kent County, $1,250
Grand Rapids Community Foundation / Our LGBT Fund, $1,250
Actors Theatre Grand Rapids, $501
The Network, $361
Hope Network, $540
Heart of West Michigan United Way, $260
The University of Florida, $140
National Center for Transgender Equality, $135
Michigan Radio, $120
Family Hope Foundation, $100
MomsBloom, $100
Trans outreach initiative, $100
Global Voice for Autism, $100
Human Rights Campaign, $80
The United Church of Christ, $50
Becoming More Visible (trans homeless film), $35
Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council, $25
WYCE Radio, $25


Human Rights Campaign, $140
Bethany Christian Services, $50
Michigan Radio, $90
Autism Family Network, $100
GGRREN, $100
MomsBloom, $100
Family Hope Foundation, $100
Committee to Elect David LaGrand, $200
National Center for Transgender Equality, $200
The Bandit Zine, $300
United Way, $385
Hope Network, $500
Grand Rapids Pride Center (formerly the Network), $1000
Actors Theatre, #1000
Our LGBT Fund, $1250

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